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NOTE: Not currently taking donations as the site is not 100% active at this time..

Abay.com is a labor of love.. sometimes I work for days or even weeks just to finish one of my original video productions.. Video footage taken out on the river, sometimes via jet ski costs a good deal in gas and oil expenses. My Quadcopter which I use for Aerial filming costs me a ton of money and time on a regular basis. Basically, I spend hours of my day shooting footage and editing to make videos like the ones seen below..

That being said, it obviously takes a lot of time and money to do what I do. And it's not just about my original videos.. I have a ton of other great content on the site that takes a great deal of time to deal with each and every day.

So here's the deal.. if you're struggling with cash flow like me and love the site please just keep being a fan. I get it, You can't really afford to help out and that's cool. You can help out plenty just by telling your friends about Abay.com.

On the other hand if you truly love my content and you're in a position to help out with a donation "Hell Ya" you can donate some money to the site. Another option of course if you're a local business is to become an Advertiser. I can give you a lot of exposure for a reasonable price.

I love Alexandria Bay and I love the river... I like to think my web site keeps it all alive on some level... and that's why I do what I do.

For centuries the 1000 Islands has been recognized as one of the world's great vacation destinations and the Village of Alexandria Bay has played a major role in the area's history. Alexandria Bay, NY is in the very Heart of the 1000 Islands and there are many exciting things to see and do. Shops, Fine Dining, Boat Tours, Whether you're a little kid or a big kid, Alexandria Bay, NY is full of fun things to experience. 1997-2022 Abay.com. All rights reserved